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Sisters In Scripture

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Sisters in Scripture Fall Session

Join The Conversation

Join the Conversation with our new format as we dive into God’s Word together to build meaningful relationships and be transformed into His image.  For the morning, this exciting format starts our morning off in class first with our focus on teaching from God’s Word, but of course you can still get some coffee & fellowship before as usual!  Then we will gather for some worship and announcements before ending our time together in our Growth Groupsfor an enhanced time together in prayer and promoting Christian growth and transformation.   In the evening, our schedule remains the same but our format will also allow for this same extended time together in prayer for Growth Groups  at the end of our evening.

After our last session we will celebrate by breaking bread at a closing Lunch or evening supper.

SIS is excited to offer Growth Groups for the first time, and conclude each week with an enhanced time of one half hour to build authentic Christian friendships as we pray and grow closer together in Christ, based on our study and walk in Him that week.  Prayerfully consider which of the following classes you want to share in transformation with one another through study and Growth Group. Plus the beauty of the Growth  Group is that you will be in the same group for the next session as well, regardless of your choice of Bible study, so you can maintain continuing, growing friendships throughout the year!

So come along and Join the Conversation!

Your SIS Curriculum Committee,

Sarah Merkel, Janie Phillips, Courtney Porter, & Kathy Sodestrom

Fall 2014 course offerings

Minor Prophets:  a study by Mary Cooney (Morning Only)

Have you ever wondered about those twelve little books at the end of the Old Testament? Why are their messages and stories included in God’s word? Who were these guys? What did God say through them?  Take a journey through the Minor Prophets and learn how these twelve books not only impacted the audience of their day, but can impact our lives as well.  In the Hebrew Bible these books are combined into what is called the Book of the Twelve. When studied together, God has a rich and meaningful message of mercy, judgment, redemption, salvation, goodness, and a call to personal holiness wrapped up in the stories and messages of these twelve men whose collective prophecies span hundreds of years. Ordinary people, they struggled to understand God.  Ultimately however, their calling was to speak forth about a God who keeps his promises, who has sent a Messiah to save us, and who is returning again in ultimate victory! Come and learn about the Minor Prophets in this in-depth and exciting study in some of the least studied books in the Bible.  You will be blessed and encouraged and come away with a deeper Understanding of the ultimate calling on each of our lives.

Suggested Study Time:2 – 2 ½ hours per week

AM Discussion Leader with Sub: Mary Cooney with Vanessa Downs

  Gospel of John: A Short Video Series by Margaret Feinberg (Morning and Evenings)

God has designed us to be drawn toward beauty ~ creating us to pursue His beauty that we might know more about His character, attributes and work in our world.  Perhaps no book of the Bible paints a clearer picture of this than the Gospel of John.  Throughout the Survey of this Gospel, the stories and person of Jesus Christ radiate the beauty of God displaying his whole heart for the world to see.  Within the person of Jesus we find the invisible attributes of God being made visible, on display like the pieces of artwork – to be enjoyed, celebrated and reflected upon.  The study guide includes the DVD outline & questions and five days of digging deeper into Scripture.

We will divide each session in half and study 2-3 days each week in Combination with some of the video questions.  Join us as we discover the Scriptural portraits of salvation, redemption and restoration that God longs to complete in us through a relationship with this person of Jesus Christ.

Suggested Study Time:  1 – 1 ½ hours per week

AM Discussion Leaders:  Janie Phillips and Kathy Sodestrom

PM Discussion Leader with Sub: Cindy Wilde with Jen Sserwamukoko

 Lord, I Want to Know You:  A study on the Names of God by Kay Arthur (Evening only)

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe” Proverbs 18:10. When the car won’t start we call a mechanic. Yet, when we are in the midst of a spiritual struggle we often fail to call upon God’s provision, comfort and strength. Kay Arthur reminds us that so much of our confusion and pain results because we don’t know God and how He works in our lives.   The Father longs for us to know more of who He is, that we might more fully “trust in the name of the LORD and rely on our God” (Isaiah 50:10).  When we know God more fully by studying His names – Creator, Healer, Protector, Provider, My Shepherd, My Banner, One Who Sees, and many others – we’ll gain power to stand strong, find strength for times of trial, comfort for pain, and provision for our soul’s deepest needs.  Uncover the hidden treasures of the names of the LORD that will transform our lives as we study them together, enabling us to be strengthened and know where to run to find help in time of need!

Suggested Study Time: 1 – 1 ½ hours per week

PM Discussion Leader with Sub: Sarah Merkel with Kathy Atkinson